Hero Moto Case Study

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PREFACE If we want to go global in the world market then we must know the trend of the market, what features must be there in the product so that it should get popularity among the masses and also should know about competitor’s position in every field. The objective of report is to know the strategy of Hero Moto Corp in the world market and we must know what should be the price range and what types of marketing should be done so that it gets familiar with every type of person. So needs and objectives of the market survey is very important to get a good market share , stand in the market and to survive the business in the present competitive world where there is a trend of cutthroat competition. Hero Moto Corp is a leading company in bikes…show more content…
While doing so, we maintain the highest standards of ethics and societal responsibilities, constantly innovate products and processes, and develop teams that keep the momentum going to take the company to excellence in the new millennium". WE CARE FOR ENVIRONMENT A philosophy closest to Hero Moto Corp is that which pertains to the environment, which is why the company goes that extra step to ensure that each one of the high technology 4-stroke Hero Moto Corp motorcycles meet the most demanding of pollution norms at every level. This is a policy that the company has followed since the very beginning. WE CARE FOR COMMUNITY Hero Moto Corp is a company with a difference. Constantly involved in social activities, spreading. Awareness about the community and environment, the company has taken a giant step in the fields of Health care, Education, Engineering, Environment and many…show more content…
The company keeps telling its customers to think about Quality rather than price. Further if one talks about the changes in the price in the last three years, the prices have never been changed except the budgets except once in APRIL 2011,when the company started off with their “celebration offer”, and thus decided to sanctioned a discount and curtail on every Model Rs 1001\-. The company is surely in a business of delivering quality rather than price. For instance the Boxer, which is of only 29,990 and is the cheapest bike of the industry. The company gives importance to the quality rather than cheap

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