Summary Of The Monomyth

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Table 13 exhibits the third and the last section of the Monomyth which is the return. This part has six stages that recount the resolution to the hero-myth adventure. This is the Departure in reverse where this time the hero retraces his pathway back home after attaining the objective of his mission in his magical journey from the unknown realm. He comes back to the familiarity of his old world a changed person with a renewed sense of purpose to share the wisdom he gained to the people of his land. The hero often achieves contentment of life knowing he that he had already overcome the worst adversities and he is ready to face the battle once again should fate call him to do so. This section of the Monomyth often concludes the hero’s life with a happily ever after.…show more content…
Campbell discusses that “when the hero-quest has been accomplished, the adventurer still mustreturn with his life-transmuting trophy." (193) In the table, only the Epic of Labaw Donggon has this stage, however the hero 's refusal to return back home was caused by fear of additional enemies surrounding him. Labaw Donggon wasn 't aware that his sons had already defeated Saragnayan, he was so afraid that he ran away without sanity. Unknown to him that he had already possessed the boon of victory over Saragnayan through the help of his
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