Is Satan A Hero Or Villain In John Milton's Paradise Lost, Book I?

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Does Satan seem to a Hero or Villain in Paradise Lost, Book I?
Paradise lost; book I by John Milton starts in midias Res with invocation to the muse. He proposes the subject of man’s first disobedience and loss of Paradise they were placed in, Milton emphasis on justifying the way of God to men through Christen believe of Felix Culpa. Milton portrayed Satan as one of the most dynamic and complicated characters in Paradise Lost, book I. Satan can be argued as villainous character as well as a tragic hero in this book.
Satan (Lucifer), the chief of rebel angels to go against God, is the greatest villain with many tragic flaws of hubris. Satan is said to be the incarnation of evil as he is portrayed as subversion to christen believes of Felix Culpa. This believes says that whatever God does, does it for good. Whereas Satan goes against the Gods decision as a result of his revolution against God brings him to hell along with his other fallen angels. His revolution against God continues and provokes other rebel angels to fight against god with more determination and courage’s mind even if he is in hell. Satan’s words of motivation and encouragement to other rebel angels “….Awake, arise, or
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Satan’s physical status is being magnified and is written in praised tone, when he is being compared to Leviathan and also in comparison of his shield to moon seen through optic-glass of Tuskin Artist. One of the important qualities of tragic hero is Satan’s ability to endure pain, he being in the place of no hope with deep scares of god’s thunder, he still have well-built determination and courage to revolve against god. His character of unique individuality and his crave for independence pursue reader to accept him to be a tragic hero, which is made clear by the lines, “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav’n…” (Milton,
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