Hero: The Most Impositive Characteristics Of A Hero

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To most people, a hero is one who possesses the powerful traits that seem to move the hearts of hundreds of people. Such traits include: helpfulness, the key to building other’s trust in you and your motives, leadership, the trait that helps one to use their intellect and common sense to make smart decisions and lead others responsibly and positively, and care, the way to accumulating countless friends and followers through one’s kindness, concern, and philanthropy for other people. Everyday I strive my hardest to give others a positive example of my hero: my father, Patrick Sekerka. While the concept of “helpfulness” can be misunderstood, it goes without saying that my father is truly a helpful man. He is always there and willing to help other people. Even though he is very busy and often has interminable amounts of work to complete for his job,…show more content…
One example of good leadership skills is having a smart and positive way of making decisions. Another is being able to lead others in a thoughtful and positive way. My father is the responsible and positive patriarch of the Sekerka household. He is always prepared to take charge in desperate situations. In a needy circumstance, Patrick always has a positive and thoughtful way to lead his friends and family out of that situation. Being the patriarch, he possesses a strong and useful power to move the hearts of others and make them side with him in any given situation through his powerful words. This is often known as charisma, a strong facet of leadership that my father possesses. His always seems to get me to side with him in any situation, as well as my brother and sister. No matter how long it takes, he uses his leadership skills to effectively augment himself or something he believes in. Without such a strong force in my life, I would never have been inspired by it and probably would have grown up to be an unconfident introvert with no way to lead

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