Herodotus Hesiod And Daoism's Attitude Towards Women

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In this essay, I will analyze Herodotus, Hesiod, and Daoism’s attitude towards women either as positive or negative contributors to history. These three great historians have used women in their writings for different purposes and to send different messages to their audience. Also, based on the events and examples that Herodotus, Hesiod, and Daoism give with their explanations, readers are going to realize whether they are against or for women. Women can play different roles in history because they might be a victim, nation’s builder, or even destroyer, so we are going to know women’s role in Herodotus, Hesiod, and Daoism’s period of time. Herodotus uses women in his narrative in order to show what is right with giving the example of fall of great Cyrus by Tomyris despite all his power and pride. Herodotus is known as the father of history who had lived around 5th BC and he got the oral information from interviewing people. Herodotus shows us the tale of Cyrus, the great king of Persia, and Tomyris, the queen of Massagetae. Tomyris took the throne after…show more content…
Pandora is the story that indicates women as a source of justice in Hesiod’s perspective. Pandora is the mortal female who sent by the god “Zeus” to punish humans. Zeus was anger when seeing people not giving him honor, so he sent a beautiful girl with a jar full of evil, sickness, and death. Once she opened the jar, mortality was disappeared. Through this example, we can conclude that Hesiod illustrates that Pandora herself has strength, a mind, and a voice letting her bring evils for humanity. The common point between Hesiod and Herodotus is that both of them show a fall of humanity or a person by females. Even though some people based on Pando see women’s charm as a mechanism for disaster, Hesiod indicates that men cannot live without women because a female could end the golden age and bring justice to the new

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