Four Types Of Heroes Essay

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When people think of a hero, a tall buff male with supernatural strength who beats up villains comes to mind. But not all heroes are like that. Superman, Mahatma Gandhi, Veronika Scott, and Ponyboy Curtis are all heroes. Superman is the only hero that fits that category. Superman is an archetypical hero, a hero in books and movies that fights villains with supernatural powers. Mahatma Gandhi is a historical hero, a hero that made a huge impact in the past to better the world by breaking unfair laws. Veronika Scott is an everyday hero, an ordinary person who becomes a hero by doing one or two extraordinary deeds. Dallas Winston is an unlikely hero, a person who becomes a hero by accident and doesn’t want to be one. Even though they are different types of heroes, all four of them have certain traits and actions that make them heroes. A hero(ine) must help others in a significant way and fight the evil that…show more content…
Everyone has a hero that they look up to and sometimes even expect the hero to save them when they are in trouble. Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer and lecturer, once said “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” (BrainyQuote). That is what heroes are for; the service of the people. A hero needs to fight the evil that troubles the people. This is another purpose of the hero. To fulfill these two purposes, heroes must have particular traits. A hero must be compassionate to others. Some heroes are even compassionate to their enemies. Without compassion, a hero can’t help other people. Heroes are also brave when facing the evil. If they aren’t brave then heroes can’t stand up for what is right. Persistence is another trait that heroes must have. They must persist when facing obstacles because the obstacles prepare heroes for the final battle against evil. Having these traits, any person or animal who fulfill the two purposes of a hero can be called
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