Heroes Gods And Monsters Of Greek Myths Analysis

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Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths, a novel by Bernard Evslin, retells short stories of the most famous gods and monsters of Greek Mythology. Evslin creates a simplistic way for the reader to understand more about these myths, through short story telling. Each god and monster is given their own chapter, and are explained thoroughly, but simplistically to help the reader understand these stories better. Evslin’s method of storytelling was effective and the way each story connected made it an easy and enjoyable read. I found it helpful that each piece was told through a maximum of about six pages. Only the important details were included in each of the myths, which makes this book useful for educational purposes. I can see this book…show more content…
Pandora was created out of spite, and for the punishment of man. She was a clay figure, given life from Zeus, and was granted gifts from all the greatest gods and goddesses. The only cruel gift was a golden box, along with curiosity. The golden box was forbidden to ever be opened by Pandora. She was later married to Epimetheus, and they lived a beautiful life. The only imperfection was the golden box and Pandora’s desire to know what was inside. Pandora convinced herself one night after burying the box in her garden, that she was meant to open it. She followed through with her curiosity and unleashed maleficent creatures into the world. She fortunately prevented the most powerful one from escaping. The last creature would have uncovered all the awful truths of one’s life, and that is why there is hope in aspects of our lives. After concluding the story, I was most pleased with the message behind it. I always found the connectivity between morals and life today, and Greek mythology to be interesting and enlightening. Although they are myths, they help to make sense of the world and why things the way they
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