Heroes In Fearless

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There were many heroes in Fearless. Adam, Kelly, and more helped to change each other 's lives for the better. They helped to pull each other up. Adam would not have achieved what he did without the many heroes supporting him. Adam Brown and almost everyone he knew is a hero. Each of them helped one another overcome their own battles and obstacles during Adam 's life.
The main hero that the story is most up-front with is Adam. Adam became a symbol for people and for many more, a reason to fight. Adam was what the author described as a tender warrior, a warrior who could go from battle to being a caring family member easily. He cared for the enemy. He would stop in the middle of a warzone to get children shoes. He put everyone before himself. He never bragged about his many accomplishments. He would ignore his own injuries to help a teammate. At one point, according to the author, Adam protected and injured friend even though his fingers had been smashed between a humvee. He
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Another major hero in Fearless is Kelly. Kelly supported Adam through everything he went through. She stayed with him through drug relapses and his late nights of navy seal training. The author says that Adam’s parents describe Kelly as an angel sent from heaven. They say this because of the impact that Kelly had on Adam. Without her Adam would probably not be the same person he became. Kelly was also a great mother. She had to learn to raise a kid by herself, for her training was just as rough as Adam’s training. Later in Adam’s career it became harder on her when Adam would have to leave for months at a time. However she never gave up hope and she waited for him. In fact they still cared for eachother just as much as they always had. At one point the book describes the two as still being in their honeymoon faze. They kept their marriage going and continued to care deeply for each other. Even when they were broke and had to camp out in sweltering heat. Kelly supported Adam with everything she
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