Heroes In John Steinbeck's Freak The Mighty

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Heroes are mainly defined as being noble, and they are made up of very important qualities. Some include doing the right thing regardless of the odds, caring for people, and being able to stand up even during hard times. The book, Freak the Mighty constantly shows these characteristics from Freak as he helped Max with his journey in life. Good deeds are a crucial part into being a hero, even if society will not recognize or believe you’re capable of doing great things. Despite his small size, Freak demonstrates this by helping Max, who had the splitting image of the murderer, Killer Kane. Many people feared Max, including his grandparents, and they tended to distance themselves from him. Kids at school called Max names like Mad Max or Maxi Pad, continuously making fun of his “no brain” head. As a result, Max never had a friend, at least until Freak came along and reached out to him in his lonely world to bring a light of possibilities to his life. Starting from the escape of Tony D., Freak saved Max, as he says, “..because they never knew it was Freak who rescued me”(Freak the Mighty, pg.41). He was freed from the horrible stereotypes caused by his looks because of Freak, even if people look down on him for the same reason. In the real world, Martin Luther King gave a great example of being a hero. He fought against the opinions of society, the racial discrimination, and unequal rights to save the African Americans, no matter the cost. Being arrested over 20 times and facing violent threats, he never…show more content…
In the book, Freak the Mighty, Kevin will be one and rescue Max from discrimination and hardships because of his determined will to never give up. For this reason, both Freak and famous beings will remain as honorable heroes to the

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