Heroes In Margaret Atwood's The Shivering Tree

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Though heroes are known to be strong and have super powers, not all has a powerful and massive body. Individual heroes can respond differently to the same conclusion of a story due to their different strength and strategies to save the world. Throughout the story it is clear that all heroes seem mighty. In the Shivering Tree, Nanabush, the protagonist seems like a king. He is frightening and seen highly in the eyes of others. As the Owl said, "If I fought you and I slew you in the condition which you are in the whole of Creation would hear of it. You'd be honoured. I'd be disgraced" (McLeod, 10). As a matter of fact, he is also very smart. He easily senses an incident that was happening around him. In the story, it states that… "Though he had no eyes with which to see, he still instinctively moved his head back and forth as if scanning the area around him. He was certain that he was being watched" (McLeod, 10). On the other hand, Muskrat, who is one of the heroes in the story, Turtle Island, seems like a servant. He is small and looks powerless. The others looked to him as…show more content…
According to Muskrat, he said, “He can do it” (1). Obviously, Muskrat is fearful. In this case, he never cares and never had a second thought of the possibility of him dying. He is not concerned with his life. He is brave enough to sacrifice his spiritual and physical body to save his companions. Unlike Nanabush, he carefully plans on how he is going to revenge to his enemy, the Juggler. As Nanabush said, "I must think this out. I must think quickly, though. I may not get another chance as this rascal; besides as well as being my enemy, he's a Sorcerer and a dangerous one.” (McLeod, 13). In other words, Muskrat is very heroic. He is willing to die for the survival of most of his companions. However, Nanabush works like sociopath. He is very intelligent and carefully plan things ahead before doing any
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