Heroes In Romeo And Juliet

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"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself" (Joseph Campbell). What makes a true hero? Heroes are individuals who care about the well-being of others, and put others before themselves. Every day everyone encounters a hero, whether that is a parent, friend, neighbor, or sibling. Heroic acts are not always saving a crowd of individuals or the world; sometimes a heroic act can even be making time for family. Although an individual may be caring, it is their actions that make them a hero. A hero is an individual whose actions reflects the kindness of their heart. A hero is an individual who adjusts their life to help others like parents, friends, and siblings. According to the song "Heroes" by Paul…show more content…
For example, Romeo Montague viewed the priest, Friar Laurence, as someone who he could rely on. Juliet knew through Romeo that Friar Laurence was one to be trusted therefore she asked Friar Laurence for help, and he came up with a plan. In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Friar Laurence gave Juliet a potion which caused, "Each part, deprived of supple government, Shall, stiff and stark and cold, appear like death". Although due to this plan Romeo and Juliet died, Friar was a hero to them because he aided them even though the love between them was forbidden. Friar Laurence's action were heroic because they demonstrated that he was kind and willing to risk supporting Romeo and Juliet even if it cost him his position in the community or town. Heroes are willing to risk their possessions including their lives when others are in…show more content…
In the novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens the seamstress asked Sydney Carton, "'Are you dying for him? She whispered and his wife and child' he responded 'Hush! Yes.'" In this conversation between the seamstress and Sydney Carton it is revealed that Carton is dying for Darnay because he put the happiness of Lucie, a woman who he loved but she did not love him back, over his own life. Carton is a hero for giving up his life, because he was caring and cared about the well-being of others over his own. Darnay was saved because of Carton's kind heart sometimes individuals are kind enough to risk their life for the safety of others. Carton will always be remembered in the hearts of the Darnay Manette family as a hero because of his bravery and kindness even if they do not approve of his plan. While sometimes a hero is an individual close to one, sometimes they might be complete
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