Jackie Robinson's Heroic Heroes

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Heroes that helped change Prejudice

What makes people act heroically ? For example the article “Woman who helped Anne Frank died at 100” , Miep Gies helped Anne Frank family escaped the holocaust. The article “How Jackie Robinson changed Baseball “, Jackie Robinson acted heroically because he wanted everyone to be treated the same. The article “The underground Railroad”, Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape and go to the north were they can be free. Miep Gies, Jackie Robinson and ,Harriet Tubman help change society in different ways but they were all the same because they all made a difference and helped stop prejudice. Although Miep Gies,Jackie Robinson, and Harriet Tubman had many different experiences, when the time came, they all acted very heroically

In contrast “Woman who helped Anne Frank died at 100” , Miep gies acted heroically because she helped Anne Frank's family escape even though she knew the trouble she would get in. She helped save a family from the holocaust (by Teri Schultz, National Public Radio 2010). She hid Anne Frank family by hiding them in Trading Company office in Amsterdam. She saved Anne frank's
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He was the first black baseball player (McBirney 2017). Robinson had perseverance because he never gave up. He started in small leagues and he made it to the top leagues of baseball (McBirney 2017). HE started of in a school and then played with the Dodgers. He received threats by his teammates and would use violence against him.(McBirney 2017). Robinson helped change sports for black people. The primary distinction between Jackie Robinson and Miep Gies is that she helped save people from the Holocaust and Robinson he helped impact sports by becoming the first black player
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