Heroes Vs Sociopaths

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The word “Hero” has many different labels. In “ Heroes Versus Sociopaths” Andrea Kuszewski explains what she thinks the word “hero” means to her. In the article she also talks about sociopaths and what they mean to her. Towards the end of her article she starts to compare and contrast heroes and sociopaths so you can have a better understanding. She quoted, “ They are people who possess extraordinary traits of altruism - selfless concern for the well-being of others - even at the expense of their own existence”, talking about heroes. A hero could be any person in any type of situation. If someone says “You are a hero”, or “You are my hero”, those phrases have two different meanings. Being a hero has 3 different meanings to me; first, a hero could be someone who is willing to put themselves at risk to help others, someone who is willing to sacrifice anything to help others, and finally a hero could be someone who has changed or affected your life in any positive way. First, a hero to me is someone who is willing to put themselves at risk to help others. That could be a police officer, firefighter, or anyone. A police officer will find you and save you from a kidnapper, or any harmful situations. They get taught different ways in the academy to help people in bad situations. Firefighters will come into a house that’s burning down to get you out. The houses are over 1000 degrees and firefighters are in heavy gear so they don’t burn themselves. In the article “ Heroes Versus
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