Heroic Journey Report

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The road to the white house and the heroic journey have many similarities because it is the story of how a hero leaves his/her home to overcome obstacles and reach the goal they set out to do. While doing this project I was able to use the steps of the heroic journey and relate them to the presidential election process. I would like to reflect on the project as a whole and explain how the hero 's journey fits with the presidential quest. When I first started this project I thought it was going to be a walk in the park, I was wrong. I didn 't realize the amount of research was needed in order for this project to be put together correctly. I liked this project because I go to dive into what each step of the presidential journey is like not just…show more content…
After Rubio started his adventure it was time to cross the threshold and depart for the journey. Rubio crossed the threshold when he went to the Iowa caucus because it is the first main event in the presidential election process. After Rubio crosses the threshold and finished his mission in Iowa, his first test would be in new hampshire. Rubio is now in full swing of the presidential election process, and is presented with his first test. If Rubio can perform well in his first test he will gain new allies that will help him down the way. After Rubio has a successful outing in New Hampshire it is time to use his new acquired allies and take on super tuesday. After super tuesday the quest goes on to show the rewards he receives for being successful, but in Rubio 's case its the gain of delegates that support him. The road back for Rubio is the National Nominating Convention, at this point he has be nominated and gets to start focusing on the true goal which is becoming president. The Resurrection is the election, because this is where Rubio gets to see if his goal or problem with be solved. Finally it 's the election results where Rubio the heros get the victory and returns home with a new perspective and view on the
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