Heroin Addiction In Marisa Crane's Art Therapy

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What would you do if someone whom you love becomes addicted to heroin? Most people would try everything they can to take that person out of addiction. Others, learn to deal with it by making it a permanent part of their life. However, some people find alternative solutions to the problem. Likewise, in “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin, Sonny is able to replace his heroin addiction with music. His brother is constantly worrying about Sonny’s life. The article, “Art Therapy” by Marisa Crane, writes about how music therapy helps the addicted people recover. Drug addiction can have different influences in one’s life because it affects a person’s relationships, health conditions, and can lead to positive use of arts. Heroin addiction can have positive and negative effects on relationships. When a family member becomes addicted to drugs, it affects the whole family. In Sonny’s Blues, Baldwin demonstrates how relationships are continuously falling apart and building back again. Sonny’s brother admits that they “fought almost every time” (Baldwin 138). This does not happen in regular relationship. Heroin addiction causes misunderstanding between people’s life. It has the power to break two…show more content…
According to Sonny’ s brother, Sonny needs to “find a place to lean” (144). Addiction makes people to lose control over their own body. They lead a life that is totally different compared to normal people. Also, the narrator is looking at a different person when Sonny is out of the jail. Sonny looks “older and thinner” and he is “like an animal waiting to be coaxed into the light” (127). Addiction puts people into jail. Being in jail is not the best part of one’s life. This affects the prisoners mentally because they're stuck in one place for so many years. They do not have the freedom that other people does in the outside world. Music is the key to relieve him from the addiction that is causing problems in his
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