Heroin Cape Cope, USA Movie Analysis

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The HBO documentary “Heroin Cape Cope, USA” was a great way to let people know about the heroin epidemic in America. I thought the movie was very effective; it was educational in letting us know how addicting heroin can be to users. The movie was really profound. The movie moved me in a way, which was very sad. I am from Long Island, New York, over the past few years. The heroin epidemic has been a major problem (and still is). Long Island is still struggling with its war on heroin, two counties make up Long Island, which is Nassau and Suffolk County. Nassau County is closer to the Five Burroughs, New York City, Nassau County is more of a suburban / urban area because it’s like the City, but isn’t; many resources that are convenient to people…show more content…
Other Opioids played roles in overdosed deaths, 137 died in 2012 and 107 in 2013. The people that are dying are typically are young men and women that are targeted, due to the fact that there’s nothing to do (In same term the documentary used). My personal experience dealing with a heroin addict was in my senior year I had moved to a different school that was more diverse of white. I made greats friends, especially with these two guys they were fraternal twins. We all grow close in friendship in senior year, one of the twin had died the early year of 2015. Prior to that tragic year, the kid would shoot heroin before and after school. I would talk to him about detoxing or just slowing because heroin isn 't something can just without the right support and willpower and that kid didn 't have that. Some days he wouldn 't come to school due to vomiting or he would too cold in class. I would sometimes go to his house to check up on him and see if everything was okay and it wasn 't. He lived in a pretty wealthy area in Long Island, East Setauket; he was dependent on his parents, they gave him money when he wanted it. The parents were not aware of his addiction and him buying drugs because they were working every day and no one was home most of the time. In Suffolk, Long Island that was the norm, typically kids in that type of situation were the addicts nothing to do, almost like it was the boondocks, but it

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