Heroin Informative Speech

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You’ve probably heard this a million times before, but I’m going to tell you again. Drugs are bad. Not only do they make people like me pester you to stop, but they have some serious physical effects that you may not be fully aware of. Here are the basics of some of the more common drugs. Heroin is an extremely destructive opioid, which interferes with the brain’s receptors and can lead to seizures and hallucinations. Since the drug is injected directly into your bloodstream, the use of unclean needles can lead to infections and spread disease. Particularly when you reuse or share syringes. Heroin is extremely addictive. You quickly develop a “tolerance” to the drug. Meaning you need a higher and higher dose to achieve the same high. Which very quickly leads to overdose and death.…show more content…
When smoked, it quickly creates an intense, short lived, euphoric sensation. Smoking Crack causes you to develop an almost immediate addiction and runs the risk of causing heart attacks or strokes. Repeated use can cause liver, kidney, and lung

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