Heroin Moves To The Country: Video Analysis

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Heroine is appealing to the rural youth of America. Many say this is due to boredom, lack of education and recent accessibility of the drug. Vermont is just a short distance to two major cities; Boston and New York which gives a direct line to any markets we may think don’t exist in a place like rural Vermont. When in fact, there has been a shocking increase in the use of heroin and other hard drugs used by kids in rural places (Heroin Moves to the Country). A video from CBS News explained not only has there been more than double increase in users but there has been an extreme increase in female users and white users as well. The increase in users has a direct correlation to crime. The dependency and extreme addiction at this fueled by heroine breads tense situations between dealers and their clients (Fed up with Heroin, Vermont Town Fights Back). These…show more content…
As a city it struggled for many years in all respects. It is thought that in 2012 the city hit rock bottom when a star athlete was killed but a driver who had been using drugs. The struggle was seen with landlords and the vacancy of homes allowing dealers to move in and monopolize the city spaces (Davis). Generations of families suffer from this addiction, parents instilling in their children the acceptance that there is no other way of life. Rutland as a city grappled with this issue for many years until they began to take action and see results, Rutland is at the forefront of change. The drug treatment center that has been open since 2013 is one huge contribution they have made to fight drug addiction (Fed up with Heroin, Vermont Town Fights Back). Governor Peter Shumlin spent his last month’s state of the state address reporting on the heroin situation with police sergeant Matt Prouty commenting on the reality of what he sees on the street (Craig). The city has put in place “Project Vision” to gather continuing support in fighting this

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