Heroism In Harriet Tubman And The Underground Railroad

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Jarod Kintz said “I want to remember our fallen heroes. And after I’ve spent a day remembering them, I want to extend my arm and help them up.” When heroes treat others with care and love, others will want to follow their path out of inspiration and mutual respect. This kind of influence spreads throughout society, and sets an example for the world. Since heroism is defined as someone who is part of a certain group or works for a certain purpose, one would instead define heroism as someone who makes a positive impact on other people.

A person who has the audacity and willingness to leave a positive effect on others is what it means to be a hero. To illustrate, in the book “Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad” by David
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In this case, Oliver Stone, a movie director in the article “Where I find my heroes”, suggests that ordinary, plain people are heroes. “So there you go-heroes are everyday. common people. Most of what they do goes unheralded, unappreciated. And that, ironically, is heroism: not to be recognized.” While normal everyday people are capable of leaving a worthwhile effect on others and become heroes, it is biased that only normal people can be specified as heroes. Outside of the type of common people, other heroes that will leave a worthwhile significance on the world remain. Likewise, according to the article “Soldier home after losing his leg in Afghanistan”, it says “On Sept.18,2010, Army Pfc. Tristan Eugene Segers, a 2002 graduate of Lake Stevens High School, was driving his armored patrol vehicle when a homemade bomb exploded in the road underneath Segers’ floorboard. One of the vehicle's 800-pound tires was found a half-mile away. Just below his knee, Segers’ right leg was gone. He had shrapnel sticking out of his eyeballs, face and arms” (1-2). Some believe that one who has gone through a great deal of pain is defined as heroism, as they have seen more negative things, and therefore should be respected. Yet the real meaning of a hero is one who can be prepared and willing to make good change upon others. In the case of people who have gone through suffering, supporting and understanding others who are also going through pain or spreading awareness to avoid receiving their pain then can be defined as heroes. A true hero is any person who will leave a positive impression for society, heroes do not necessarily have to be part of a certain group, organization or

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