Heroism In Kelly Slater's Life

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The people you never forget are the people that make an impact on your life. Our world would be completely different if we didn’t have amazing people who risk their own lives to save others. Kelly Slater, the people who formed a human chain, and the woman on the boat are all examples of heroism. These brave everyday people provide hope by comforting and rescuing those in danger.
It’s crazy how things happen so fast. A mom and her twenty-two-month-old were just walking on the beach when a big wave crashed over them, and sent them into the water. Kelly Slater, a male professional surfer, saw all of this happen, and he immediately went over to help them. He was luckily on land when it happened, instead of surfing. He grabbed the mom and her child out of the water, and they were fine. Kelly Slater made a big difference in the lives of the mom and her twenty-two-month-old, who still had a long life ahead of him. God makes amazing people like Kelly Slater, just a normal man, do amazing things. Kelly Slater was truly a brave person to help the mom and her son because it could have put him in danger, too.
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Two boys were just boogie boarding and they didn’t notice how far they were from shore, and they ended up getting stuck in a riptide. The mom of the boys didn’t notice until she saw many people out in the ocean trying to help them. Dozens of people linked arms, and tried to grab the two boys. All of the sudden more people noticed what they were doing, and offered to help. After an hour, they eventually got the two boys safe and back to shore. This story shows hope to the family, and that there is no reason to worry because God has everything in His hands. The dozens and dozens of courageous people who put themselves in a risky situation for people they didn’t even know was truly
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