Heroism In Kurt Vonnegut's Superman

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Superman runs into a bathroom and changes into a suit. Vonnegut depicts a man who tries to imagine a war as “heroic” ultimately dying in the same meaningless way as countless other soldiers to illustrate that one cannot escape from traumatic realities.

Roland Weary used the illusion of heroism in order to escape from the horrors of war. This is first presented when Vonnegut describes Roland Weary, saying, “His vision of the outside world was limited to what he could see through a narrow slit” (Vonnegut 41) This was an important detail for He had been saving Billy’s life for days,cursing him,kicking him, slapping him, making him move.Vonnegut to include as it represents Weary’s outlook on the world. The narrow slit was the lens of heroism he was
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This is first presented to the reader when Vonnegut writes, “And Weary, bug eyed with terror, is disarmed.” (Vonnegut 54) When finally confronted face to face with the horror Weary’s outer shell shattered. He was at such a disadvantage there was no way he could possibly imagine himself as a hero, and from there, he crumbled. To add onto this Vonnegut included the detail that while Billy Pilgrim was given a poor pair of boots Weary was given a pair of clogs. (He gave Weary his clogs [Vonnegut 55]) This action was completely at random. The german soldiers did not know Billy or Weary but they were fated to that would have tragic results.” Consequently, Vonnegut drives his point with the final event of Roland Weary’s death. Vonnegut absently writes “ Roland Weary died of Gangrene caused by his mangled feet.” (Vonnegut 79) Roland Weary, the “hero”, died of a foot infection and was tossed out of a train. Vonnegut included this detail to show that no matter where you go or what lies you buy into you can’t escape the reality you
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