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What do you think of when you think of a hero? Do you think daring superheroes with superpowers that amaze all? Do you think of someone who has super speed and agility? Well, to be a hero you don 't need any super suit or powers to tell you apart from any regular person. Many people have become hero 's like historical figures who have done great deeds in our world. Even our people in our community just doing the job they love. There are other people who show what heroism is not, by doing crimes and acts of evil.But, anybody can turn into a hero, they can just do selfless acts of kindness for the greater good Hero 's try to make the world a better place, just like Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln.
Another example of heroism in Abraham Lincoln he helped abolish slavery. For instance," He is dead; but the cause he is so ardently loved, so ably
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Criminals show greediness and selfishness like the antagonist "Randell Boggs" from the movie Monsters Inc. In the movie Randell steals a kid from the human world to upgrade his scaring score, here it shows many acts of what a hero is not like stealing and cheating. But, Sully saves the kid named Boo and returns her to where she belongs. (Monsters Inc.). Sully shows heroism by returning Boo to where she belongs knowing he won 't get anything out of it, he just knows it is the right thing to do. Just like Sully helping Boo because it is the right thing to do Fredrick Douglass escapes to share his story to the world. Even though him escaping does benefit him he does this to help others realize that slavery is wrong and to get rid of slavery..Douglass helped us realize that a hero would never use someone or hurt anyone.Slave owners showed they didn 't care about others needs which a hero would never do.Slave helped us show what heroism is not but in the end there is still many hero 's out there to show a example for

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