Heroism In Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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In the Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus shows heroism throughout his interactions with the Cyclops, Polyphemus, more than anything else. Odysseus first demonstrates his heroic actions towards Polyphemus by using one of his various cunning tricks. Odysseus already knows that he couldn’t possibly defeat the Cyclops by fighting due to their difference in strength and size, so he came up with a machination, which was to do what he’s adept to, using his brain. He tried to make the Cyclops drunk so he wouldn’t be in his normal state, which would be at his advantage because it would be easier for him to take actions when Polyphemus is drunk-asleep. To make him drunk Odysseus first trick him into drinking the wine “Cyclops, try some wine...to wash down your scraps of…show more content…
In this section, Odysseus shows that he is a true hero, for he uses his strength to defeat his enemy. In another, Odysseus once again uses his guile and cleverness to escape from the antagonist along with his companions. He follow through his plan, which was to hide under the rams of the Cyclops’. “ So three sheep could convey each men”, he hides both himself and his men on the belly of the rams( Homer l. 289). When the sheep go out of the cave they would also get out and let go once they’re outside and be free. Odysseus, with his endless persistence and cleverness once more save both him and his mates from danger. However, from the opposing view,Odysseus also display arrogance when he was communicating with the Cyclops. For instance, he brags to the Cyclops about how he beat him. In the text. He stated “ O Cyclops..Puny am I...How do you like the beating that we gave you, you damned cannibal?”( Homer 171 ll.388-341). Odysseus gloating represent that even though, he’s hero, he’s still arrogant and impulsive even after the deaths of his men. His victory over Polyphemus is a very good and honorable thing but some might consider him to be no difference to the Cyclops whom he called “monstar” , when he’s
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