Heroism In Odyssey

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Heroism and its Aberrancies Humanity’s fixation with the concept of gallant champions and their aptness to salvage a civilization from its cataclysmic predicaments subsists within the written works of diverse cultures and varying epochs. For instance, Classical Greek literature depicts a hero as a valiant warrior who reveres the deities of Olympus and upholds justice regardless of the perils as noted by Homer's Odyssey; however, Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Sun contemporary interpretation of the conception of heroism portrays a selfless valor through the manifestation of Mariam. Nonetheless, in his novel Our Twisted Hero, an allegory of South Korean dictatorship and a struggle for democracy, author Yi Munyol shatters previous notions…show more content…
For example, in the Odyssey, Odysseus slaughters the hundreds of suitors endeavoring to court his wife, Penelope. Although his actions appear quite drastic, the ignominy the submissive Penelope endures elicits Odysseus, the strategist, to inflict vengeance unto the infringers of Grecian conventions with the sanction of the Olympians. Moreover, Odysseus, the genuine hero, jeopardizes his life for the security of not only his wife but for the civilians of Ithaca who suffered through the debilitating regime of the degenerate suitors as well. Contrary to Odysseus’ underscored intrepidity in respect to integrity, Om Sokdae’s deficiency of perturbation stems from an assurance that the instructor lacks consciousness of his misdeeds; thereby, due to teacher’s unequivocal faith in the class monitor, Sokdae forsakes the implementation of rationale and rectitude in his governance. To illustrate, through the utilization of trepidation, Om Sokdae coerces the students to proffer their meals, and oftentimes, he purloins cherished possessions -- as one may discern by the pilfering of Yun’s gold pen -- without fretting over the consequences. Additionally, when confronted by the teacher, Om dissembles his motives, claiming he borrowed it. When he achieves to relocate the scrutiny onto Han and his misdemeanors, his conduct bespeaks an absence of an affinity to

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