Heroism In Portul's Diary

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What is a hero/ heroism? Heroism is something impossible that some might think can’t be done unless try it. For example, in my book, “Portul’s Diary”, the main character (who is an Enderman) named Portul, travels to the future to help his future self free his friends from the wrath of the evil Enderman Queen named Endina. Unfortunately, she dies in the process, but at least Portul was brave and determined enough to save her. Then, he attempts to get an energy cell to repair the time-machine and overpower Endina. That succeeds and the evil queen is desperate to get her power back. That takes a lot of determination, bravery, and heroism to save their future self.
To many heroes/heroines, a function of a hero is the act to help people and be
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9/11 had to be the most stressful, most terrifying moment in American history. The U.S was weakened by the terrorists’ harsh actions. All of a sudden in the United States’s most vulnerable moment, hundreds of everyday men zoomed on their fishing-boats to save many countless lives that were stranded on the inescapable island. That is what a hero truly is to one’s perspective. A hero is not someone who manipulates or plays around with victims just when they have the power to do something. “The man in the well” story, for example, explains how these couple of kids could’ve done something helpful but, they didn’t. Instead, they hesitated for too long and played around with the victim too much until he was eventually drowned by the night’s rainstorm. The children did bring him food, however, but they still should’ve done something to get someone’s attention. That is not a hero; that is called a “bystander”.
Overall, all of these examples of the function and meanings of what heroism is truly is what many people describe a hero. A hero is determined, even in the most deadly situations that might take their own life. They are often are helpful at someone’s most vulnerable moment. Finally, a hero/heroine never plays around or manipulates with a victim. Instead, they are understanding and
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