Heroism In The Crucible

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You may believe the heroism is something found in distant conflicts or stories of hardship that come to a mythical character, perhaps Hercules of Greek mythology or the soldiers of World War 2. To the surprise of many, however, heroism takes place not just in these epic tales of extreme gore and violence, but instead in your hometown. This is exactly the situation the town of Salem, Massachusetts found itself in as they fell into peril. As illustrated in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”, the fear of witchcraft and petty hatred towards others lead to the downfall of innocent lives. Throughout the destruction of the town’s civil order, certain characters went against the flow that they had been peer pressured into and instead decided to act heroically…show more content…
One particularly strong event that shows this is when Hale comes to his house to question his faith. Soon after the start of their exchange, John Makes his true opinions true. He states “ I like it not that Mister Parris should lay his hand upon my baby. I see no light of God in that man” (Miller 65). This shows John’s heroism because not many people would openly admit to disliking their minister, especially when they are being interrogated for witchcraft. He stood up for his opinion even when the stakes are so high. Such a statement would be taken as an act against the church directly, though Hale senses John’s honesty and takes the statement at face value. Another clear example of John’s heroism happened towards the end of the play when he refused to sign his confession. In refusing to do so, he called out the corrupted justice system. After he saw what had happened to the previously accused, he found it unfair to sign his name away, saying “I have confessed myself! Is there no good penitence but it be public? God does not need my name nailed upon the church! God sees my name, God knows how black my sins are! It is enough” (Miller 142). John decided he would rather die an honest man rather than selling himself out even at the loss of his life. What made this act heroic isn’t John’s greater desire to die
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