Heroism In The Joker

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In almost every piece of fiction there is a vilian who works to stop or hinder the heros motives. This vilian is usually extremely different than the hero. The hero usually ends up in a fight with the vilian that decides the outcome of the story and is usually the most exciting part to the story. The hero usually ends up becoming the victor of the fight and the vilian is defeated.

My favorite vilian through out all fiction would have to be the joker. I picked the joker because the joker has a sertain way of doing things. The way he struts or dose a crime is diffrent from every other villian in Gotham. Every thing in life is a joke to him and he even says that "the greatest joke is life itself" showing how little concern for life joker has. Even when the Joker works with someone or he hires someone to work for him he dose'nt care at all for that person, he would be willing to kill them one second and tell a joke to them the next. The Joker's nemisis however, the Batman loves his sidekicks and would be willing to die for anyone of them.

One of Joker's special qualities that he also has is that no one really knows why he is joker. Joker is just Joker because of something that happened in his past. So what i am trying to say is that we don't know what happened to the Joker so there is a cloud of mystery around him. I
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His counter part the Joker kills people in the hundreds with his lackeys at his side. The Joker has little to no sense of right or wrong, he lives to bring misery to the people of Gotham. When the Joker kills it could be for any number of reason from just being bored or wanting to prove a point. At one point the Joker killed over 200 people in a terrorist bombing. The Joker later even laughed at this saying that "it was one of the funniest things" he had done.The Batman strains every time to never kill anyone the complete opposite to the Joker who seems to kill someone everywhere he
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