Hotel Rwanda Analysis

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“How have the world’s nations arrived at the developmental stages that they are at today?” A lot of people ask the same questions over and over again. People wonder about the history of mankind and the exact reason or situation in which the past has undergone; the reason that initiated the reality in the present generation. Thus, because of people’s advance research and studies, they arrived into a conclusion that the world written in the history of every nation’s past was not systematic as it is at the current. Looking at the films “Last King of Scotland” and “Hotel Rwanda”, people can depict the disparities that existed. Why do such disparities exist between the most impoverished and the most highly developed countries? These are just a…show more content…
The Last King of Scotland and Hotel Rwanda have many similarities shown in every scene they contain; Although some were not clearly stated and the plot of their stories were not the same, the main idea or the topic that they criticizing were similar to each…show more content…
Development is a broad term, which can be defined many ways. It is seen visibly, for example, with images of cities, new construction, and big businesses coming to mind. However, development within a country is a multi-faceted concept related to the quality of life that its people experience. It is difficult to measure development in purely economic terms; such as calculating GDP. This is because a country may have constant GDP growth, but this wealth is distributed between very few. In both films, the legacy of colonization and exploitation left a profound effect on the political structures of the corresponding nations. After achieving independence, this method of rule was still considered the norm by many of the country’s corrupt leaders, including the infamous Idi Amin (The Last King of Scotland). The constant state of civil unrest and squandering of the nation’s major resources caused by political competition is a major reason that development in Uganda today is not where it should be. Additionally, the widespread poverty and subsequent lack of education prevents the people of Uganda from organizing and mobilizing as they could to help bring an end to ongoing strife. On the other side, using the Hotel Rwanda as a source, world leaders formally adopted the Responsibility to Protect [R2P]. This is the duty to

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