Heroism In My Life

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I feel that heroism has nothing to do with the everyday life decision I make. Apart from a little role played by luck most of our lives depend upon the choices we make throughout our lifetime. if the choice were made without giving it a significant thought. The impacts and implications of any choice made by a normal man may be minimal, productive or kind of disastrous. As far as I get from the story was that the decision made by the cashier in the Updike’s story was a momentous decision made out of anger, frustration and irritation from his manager. The major motivation behind the decision of quitting the job was that it might impress the girls as they heard him saying “I quit” walking out of the A&P store. But as mentioned in the story, they didn’t seem to give it any importance and just disappeared like they no…show more content…
When I decided to get enrolled into this degree program, I researched extensively about the prospects that this field would offer me in my professional life and, my own personal interest that would be a constant source of motivation for me. I didn’t choose to study this degree and program because someone challenged me to or teased me that its impossible for me. There is a very little space for heroism in my life for the decisions I make. For example, sports and physical activities appear as a place for me where some extent of me can act in an aggressively spontaneous and ruthless manner, as sports is all about physical exertion and desire to win. Even in my relationship, I have never hurried to get into one or to end up one. If I would really want to impress someone, it would not be the way as Sammy did by depicting an act of vandalism out of his impulsive temper. But, it would be a chain of well thought actions to make room in someone’s mind and
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