Heroism Research Paper

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Joseph Campbell once said, “ A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” This means that heroes risk not only their lives but other things to do what is right. Heroism is standing up for what one believes in, and being brave in a time of need, even when doing what is right might not satisfy everyone. Heroes stand up for what they believe in. For example Frederick Douglass fought to end slavery and expose slavery for what it really was. In his autobiography The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Douglass states that he escaped slavery on “...The third day of September 1838” SB. After he arrived in New York he was excited to be free but soon “ the loneliness overcame” him and…show more content…
Melina Lakey, a nine year old girl scout saved her mother after a car crash. Melina and her family had just come from a movie when their SUV “...clipped a drainage ditch and rolled over six times, landing on its roof.” After her dad pulled her out of the car she saw that her mother still in the truck and she was quick to action. While in the process of saving her mother, Melina risked her life by crawling through broken glass and impact airbags. She was successful in her lionhearted rescue mission. After the incident Melina was, as deserved, awarded a Medal of Honor. Melina is an amazing example when it comes to bravery and heroism. If she hadn’t taken action then her mother might not have survived. Heroes don’t always satisfying everyone but they always do the best they can. One example is Abraham Lincoln. Even though many people disagreed with his fight to end slavery, a fight that eventually got him killed, he devoted his time energy to this cause that he ”so ardently loved.” Many people disregarded slavery as something that everybody liked and needed but Lincoln tried to end that. Even though Lincoln died “that cause survived his fall.” Through the ups and downs Lincoln successfully fought and won the battle against slavery. In conclusion, heroism is standing up for what one believes in, and being brave even if everyone isn’t satisfied. Frederick Douglass,Melina Lakey, and Abraham Lincoln really showed the true meaning of heroism.
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