Hero's Journey In Rango

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Rango Essay
The movie “Rango” has many themes to it. The artificial vs. authentic life theme focuses on how the townspeople didn't realize the mayor was being corrupt and controlling the water, lying to them. My theme focuses on the hero's journey. The hero isn't a true hero in the beginning, but with conflicts, and events they mature into a hero. Rango experiences many conflicts throughout his character development in the movie, which help him to mature into a true hero.
Rango is seen to have an active imagination throughout the movie. He is always changing his identity in order to fit in with the situation or place he is in. In the movie many metaphors are shown in order to connect to Rangos hero journey. When Rango is exposed to the hot desert sun his skin sheds. This could be a metaphor of how he is going to change his identity when he enters the town dirt. Another metaphor seen in the beginning is when rango encounters the armadillo for the first time. The armadillo tells Rango he must cross the road in order to get to the town. At this time Rango has a pretty inflated ego so he believes crossing the road won't have an difficulty to it. As soon as he steps to start crossing the road a semi truck comes flying by spinning him out of control. Rango
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He tells stories to make him seem like a hero, telling lies to get the townspeople to like him. Him changing his persona causes him to come encounter with a situation where his life was on the line. He becomes a “hero” because he mistakenly kills the bird that had been causing a ruckus in the town. This causes Rango’s ego to inflate even more, he is made into the sheriff of the town, which makes him feel important. With Rango as sheriff he meets the mayor soon realizing that if you control the water then you control everything. He tries to take control, because he believes he knows how to control it and fix
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