Hero's Journey In The Matrix

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Throughout the entirety of The Matrix, there are a multitude of attributes that lead to the enticing plot of the movie. The Matrix demonstrates how one must accept their reality and learn to accept themselves for who they are meant to be, especially in terms of the hero 's journey. Neo struggles to cope with his introduction into his new world, which makes him question himself and his quest. Intertwined within the movie are various elements that all work together to exemplify Neo 's journey with himself as the movie progresses. The numerous attributes within The Matrix including perception, Biblical references, and fairy tales will be explored to convey how they work to build the hero 's journey in the film. There is one very common concept that is apparent throughout the entirety of The Matrix. That concept is the idea of perception, and through such there are various symbols that tie into the topic. Perception plays a major role in the movie due to the fact that Neo struggles to decipher what is reality and what is not on multiple occasions. Once Neo decides to continue on with his quest by taking the red pill, there are moments where he questions if he 's living in reality or not. This stage ties into the idea of illusion and how one may not be able to genuinely grasp what they see in front of them. Moreover, there is a lot of self-reflection and doubt that occurs with Neo. When Neo is informed that he is the One, he has a fair amount of trouble wrapping his mind around

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