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Would the statement, all heroes and heroines are originated from the same basis be true? Most likely, ones favorite hero novel would follow the hero’s journey which is the cycle of the hero’s adventure involving different archetypes. A hero novel does not necessarily have to involve supernatural powers and the hero does not necessarily have to save the world; a hero can go through the hero’s journey to save one person or to reveal a hidden truth. If a story follows the hero’s journey, it includes the three categories of the archetypes—character, place, event. Midwinterblood written by Marcus Sedgwick is one example of a novel that fits into the hero’s journey archetype.
The two main characters Merle and Eric first meet each other at an island
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Recognised. But that’s not possible, because he has never seen her before” (Sedgwick 14). During the time when Eric is living in Blessed island, Eric continuously comes to a thought that he has been to blessed before and have memories of swimming with Merle saying, “I feel like we’ve done this before, but a long time ago. A very long time ago” (Sedgwick 42). When Tor tries to kill Eric as a sacrifice to the gods Merle calmly whispers into his ears “I followed you” (Sedgwick 54) it is ironical how she said this at such an urgent situation but the meaning and relevance behind the statement is revealed towards the end of the story, right before Merle and Eric are both killed by Henrik they realize the hidden truth—their star crossed love. The book concludes, stating “There is nothing now but the two of them, and their love, which has waited for centuries to be made again, “(Sedgwick 262) “And their journey beings.” which implies the repeating of their journey to find each other and fall in love. It is proven the Merle and Eric are star-crossed lovers, lovers who strive to love continuously even during the course of death and

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