Herot In Beowulf

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In Beowulf, Herot serves as the central hall for the Danes, and it symbolizes themes such as; good will always triumph over evil, and strong warriors will preserve through the toughest situations.
When Hrothgar first became King of the Danes he instructed his men to “build a hall that would hold his mighty / Band and reach higher toward Heaven than anything / That had ever been known to the sons of men” (“Prologue” 68-70). Thusly after, it was built. “...Herot, the best / Of mead-halls” now stood strong, towering over the land as a symbol of Hrothgar’s powerful reputation (“Beowulf” 5-6). There, the Danes would hold feasts, tell stories and celebrate victories. It would become the safest place in the land, “That towering place, gabled and huge,

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