Hershey Cat Narrative

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Memories from a scaredy Cat
When it comes to being a scaredy Cat, I rule with all the lights on with a cover over my head. A shadow in the basement, boom, I sprinted like greased Lightning. A creak of the floor, out of there faster than you can say “Boo”. My default state when times get tough is to run to my closet, curl into a ball, sit there and listens to my Bob Marley playlist. I am a total chicken! I get scared of everything. The future scares me, asking for what I want scares me, telling people the truth scares me, looking at my finances scares me, relationships scare me, making decisions scare me, living independently scares me. Sometimes the thought of facing a difficult day scares me and I wake up with crippling anxiety in my chest,
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I was a huge scaredy cat, I was afraid to do anything that my mind wasn’t used to. I was an incredibly picky eater and never had fun at the fair or the carnival because I was too scared to have fun.
When I was about 10yrs old, my grandparents took me on vacation to Hershey Park. This amusement park was filled to the brim with rides and roller coasters. My brother and I had never really been on any serious amusement parks. It was an exciting new world to discover. Yet, me being in my tiny deserted planet in the far brinks of the solar system stayed on the most simple and basic rides for the entire first day. Until, we decided it was time for the Pirate ship, and good thing I wasn’t paying attention to see how High it went. So we got on, me expecting nothing out of the ordinary got on with a casual attitude. As soon as the ride started going, I immediately knew I am on the wrong ship. As my mind searched for the life boats I sat in frozen, silence, petrified. Glued against the back of the chair After what seemed like eternity, I finally escaped with my life. I felt the vomit edge it’s way out of my clenched jaw. As I made my way to the nearest trash can to relieve my mouthful of burden. I looked back at my brother, each of us with an eye to eye smile said in unison,”That was Awesome”. We later went on every roller coaster ride twice and had a blast the second day of our trip, I still wish I could go
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