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It seems to be easier for an American citizen to name quotes from movies or lyrics from popular songs than to explain the United States of America’s effect on the world. The Oblivious Empire written by Mart Hertsgarrd discusses how America’s society seems to not comprehend how our government treats other countries and seems too naïve on the reasons why other countries or groups of people do not like us. Hertsgarrd discusses how the United States truly treats countries around the world and the consequences our actions have caused. An analysis of Hertsgarrd essay shows strong points on how our society is oblivious to the world outside our country and do not truly know how our government affects the world. Throughout Hertsgarrd essay he describes how the United States government tends to believe they have the right to be the judge on how other countries’ treatment of their citizens and how…show more content…
Hertsgarrd wrote of public pressure that forced America out of Vietnam in the 1970s, as well as, activist the Reagan administration to tone down its support for the white regime in South Africa in the 1980s. Even though many citizens feel the government has the power its seems that the citizens themselves have a real impact on how the government is run.
In The Oblivious Empire written by Mark Hertsgarrd, Hertsgarrd writes about how the American foreign policy is not a policy that benefits all. Hertsgarrd uses his essay to express his disappointment and to get across to educated citizens that there is a reason why other countries may not be so fond of us. For America to truly be a leader and someone countries to look up to American citizens need to become aware of how America handles business overseas and stand up when the government is acting out of

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