Mcgregor's Theory X And Theory Y

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3.2.2. McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y
In McGregor’s theory he mentioned that “if you treated people as responsible and self-motivated thus they will act in a responsible and motivated manner” (Torrington et al 2002 page 343)

Theory X would limit subordinates ability to exercise discretion and use incentive schemes and penalties as primary inducements for increased effort. Theory X states that the average human being has inherent dislike of work, and will avoid it if possible since people dislike working they must be coerced, threatened and otherwise punished most employees seek to avoid responsibility and will look for formal guidance, direction and authority at every opportunity. Most employees regard security as more important than ambition
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Most of the employers use this technique to get employee excited about the rewards is to give them an extensive enough choice of merchandise or gift cards so there will be something to charm to every person (Nelson, 2006). That is why most points-based incentive plans allow participants to select from a catalog of options. Also noted, although colleagues recognition programs are often mixed with reward programs they retain a diverse purpose overall. They are intended to deliver psychological rewards or a monetary advantage. Even though many elements of scheming and retaining reward and recognition systems are the same, it is useful to keep this dissimilarity in our thought, especially for small business holders were involved in motivating staffs while retain costs low (Henneman,…show more content…
As the theorist Abraham Maslow stated in his famous hierarchy of needs, according to Henneman (2001) “two of the most valuable psychological needs are the need to be appreciated and to feel belonged.” These needs are met through personal recognition, which is displayed by showing your appreciation. It is scientifically proven that when people feel appreciated or loved, the body creates Oxytocin, which makes us perform better at work. We can make our Colleagues feel this way through a handshake or a pat on the back. Always remember that the purpose of recognition is to inspire Colleagues to strive for a higher level of personal performance, to make them feel inspired to do more. Have you said thank you to anyone today? Next time you see a colleague doing a good job, take a minute and thank them openly, it doesn’t cost anything but you will encourage
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