Herzberg Two Factor Theory

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A study focuses on Two Factors Theory of Herzberg et al., 1992. The theory is about the factors which influence on job satisfaction and dissatisfaction of an employee at work place. The factors are divided into 2 main factors; extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

Extrinsic or hygiene factors focusing on work environment which can cause dissatisfaction among employees when unfulfilled. On the other hand, intrinsic or motivators factors can motivate employee and lead to job satisfaction if lack of motivators, employees may not be satisfied but not dissatisfied. Questionnaire Design and Research Questions To answer the research question, I have chosen a mix of qualitative and quantitativemethodologies.

The qualitative research is increasingly
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I let the interviewees to tell the factors they think. I’m not tell them about Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory in order to make them feel relax in answering what they thinks and feels. In the forth question, I ask more specific question about each factors by asking them to share the stories and attitude toward each factor of Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory in order to explore more about their experiences and attitudes. The data collected can use for analysis the relationship between the factors and job satisfaction of employees who have different work experiences and positions. In addition I want to explore more about what factors the interviewees see as barriers in their job. Lastly, I have asked a bit sensitive question about the main reason that interviewees still working for the company so the data can be linked with the factors that influence on their job satisfaction.The open-ended question as table 3.1…show more content…
Big C Supercenter operates business in the form of "Hypermarket" or "Supercenter", a modern retail business which is managed under the umbrella of Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries. Big C has Big C Jumbo, Big C Extra, Big C Hyper, Big C Market, and Mini Big C.
As Big C is in retail business, it has more competitive because of there are many retail stores in Thailand. We have to develop both assortment and store atmosphere including allocating space in order to match with sales contribution continuously. Currently, we have many projects to do and the implementation plans of most projects are duplicated. Many employees cannot manage their working time and feel bored about their current situation. Therefore, this study is to examine the factors which influence on job satisfaction in order to motivate them toward job satisfaction.

For the target population in this study covered employees who are working at Big C Supercenter where is a retailing company.The sample consists of 6 interviewees, 4 managers and 2 administrative employees. All of interviewees are working in Space, Range, and Display department. They are responsible for the merchandising display of dry grocery food and non food products. There are 12 members in the team. Moreover, the group of interviewees is selected because itcan be observed that they become bored with their works so the inspiration for me to do the research on what factors can motivate
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