Hester And Pearl In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter'

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Hawthorne’s use of the Formal Register in the sixth chapter, “Pearl” helps with amplifying the intensity of Hester and Pearl’s relationship in “The Scarlet Letter”. Hawthorne’s use of diction in the lines “ Mother and daughter stood together in the same circle of seclusion from human society...”, shows that Hester and Pearl are not just excluded from society but, are in a totally different sphere for the same reason; Hester’s sin. Hawthorne makes it crystal clear that there is no Pearl separate from the scarlet letter, she is the scarlet letter in human form. Despite Dimmesdale committing the same sin as Hester, he is not in the same sphere of seclusion because there is an obvious divide, him being the town’s beloved reverend and Hester being
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