Hester Prynne Transformation

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Hester Prynne develops her strong character greatly throughout the book from the first formal introduction to the very end of her life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Right from the second chapter when we in the beginning are Introduced to Hester Prynne, we are convinced of her strong inner character from the first time we meet her during the hardship of her public humiliation. Without giving the reader much knowledge of her background, Hawthorne creates her as this young beauty, with tall, elegant figure and dark hair who also shows great irony and contempt, which we get the idea of when she stands on the scaffold and is described as to be showing a “haughty smile”, and we see it in the subtle clue to how she carries her elaborate scarlet letter (50). Another clear example of Hester 's steadfastness is in her determination of being alone through her humiliation and judgement, even with the many grim opinions the villagers in the crowd…show more content…
She is also taking on her emotions, no longer hiding behind her feelings which she uses to evidently give Dimmesdale renewed energy and hope in himself. We see that with her time as the woman with the scarlet letter, she develops and in the end through her honesty and strength, this gets her through her struggles in her unfortunate position, she ends up as a survivor. We see her live while Dimmesdale dies from guilt and Chillingworth by his own revenge, she ends up as a legend in the Colony because she grows with the letter and finds peace while battling her challenges contrary to being
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