Hester Prynne Character Traits

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Hawthorne was able to depict every character differently which allowed them to stand out at different levels. Hawthorne is able to emphasize Hester Prynne’s characteristic the strongest which allows for her to be showcased as a stronger character. Hawthorne characterizes Hester Prynne as desperate using pathos and strong. To commence, Hawthorne showcases Hester Prynne to be desperate. Hawthorne is able to make Hester seem desperate because the judge is in a position where he could separate Hester from Pearl. When Hester spoke out, “Speak for me! Thou knowest--for thou hast sympathies which these men lack--thou knowest what is in my heart, and what are a mother 's rights, and how much the stronger they are when that mother has but her child…show more content…
Although, the Governor was claiming that more could be offered away from the mother, Hester Prynne which quickly rebutted. Hester Prynne made valid points when pledging for the Governor to have mercy and let her keep her child with her. Hawthorne is able to demonstrate how Hester showed bravery because she made bold statements. The fact that Hester stood up against the Governor and how she almost said more than the public needed to know. In this case, “Speak thou for me!" cried she. "Thou wast my pastor, and hadst charge of my soul, and knowest me better than these men can. I will not lose the child! Speak for me!”, it is made clear how the desperate mother in her came out so quickly to defend what belonged to her. Hester was on the verge of having Arthurs Dimmesdale confess both the sin they were both holdings on because of how she directly addressed…show more content…
For instance, she had to pledge, judge, and urge for the separation to not take place because it would affect them both equally. As evidence, “He looked now more careworn and emaciated than as we described him at the scene of Hester 's public ignominy” that indicates how Hester was put forth once again by the public for the same sin that was committed. However, the second it was far more important because she was fighting for her daughter, Pearl’s hostility. Hester is shown at a low and vulnerable position in her life once again which could quickly be mistaken for weakness, that not exactly being the case because she is known to overcome her huge opticals. To many the way, Hawthorne characterizes Hester Prynne it may be complicated, but considering that her character has gone through a lot it is made clear that the character is not being dramatic but
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