Hester Prynne Feminist Criticism Of Feminism

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A conservative analysis of Hester Prynne’s feminist ideals appear in writer’s critique of her independence, her rebellion, and her personal interactions.
Hester displays her independence in her sexual expression, self-reliance, and parenting. To further assert her feminist ideals, Hester gains independence through her sexual expressions. Since Hester’s husband did not take care of her sexual needs, she provides for them through her adultery. Hester feels that her sin comes from the “original sexual incompatibility” between a husband and wife. (Bensick 140). This incompatibility pushed her towards an alternative way to providing for her sexual needs. Furthermore, other people in the Puritan community appear encouraged by her bold act. The community sees her sexual strength as “life-giving and threatening” (Fryer 107 ). Through Hester’s affair with Dimmesdale, Hester commits an unforgivable sin, but, yet, in doing so she sets an example of a women taking care of her own sexual needs. Hester meets her sexual needs in her and emboldens others to do the same through her adultery.
In addition to her sexual expressions, Hester further declares her feminism in her self-reliance. Women of the time period heavily relied on men for protection and provision, however, Hester lives in the woods without male companion. By living in the woods, Hester shows her self-reliance and how she believes in taking control (Freyer 113). As an act of independence, Hester shows she doesn’t need the
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