Hester Prynne Is The Worst Sinner In The Scarlet Letter

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Hester Prynne, the Worst Sinner Three different people, all with different stories but all have something in common; they’re all sinners but the question is who is the biggest sinner? In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, many characters are portrayed as sinners like Dimmesdale, Hester, and Chillingworth. But overall the biggest sinner in the story was Hester Prynne and there are many reasons for it. Obviously the reason for the scarlet letter, she was an adulteress. Hester caused many problems with people in the town including the most holy man Dimmesdale and a man that should've never been involved, Chillingworth. Hester is the biggest sinner throughout the romance and there is no reason to believe that Dimmesdale, or Chillingworth is. One main reason why Hester was the biggest sinner was because she was an adulteress to begin with. Toward the beginning of the book, the townspeople had accused her of having a baby with another man because the husband was nowhere to be seen. This is important because it ties into many other reasons as to why she is the biggest sinner. Because of this, she gets Dimmesdale involved and Chillingworth who we short after find out is Hester's husband. Everything from here begins to get even worse because of Hester and her actions. Hester never…show more content…
She has by far done the most sinful things and exceeded both Dimmesdale and Chillingworth. She had a baby with another man while she was married and never told the man she had the baby with about it. She never even wanted to be in a relationship with Chillingworth, but married him anyway and said it was her worst mistake. She kept the secret of who the real father was from Dimmesdale thinking it was the best decision to make, but it wasn't, Dimmesdale ended up dying from all of the hateful sin building up in his chest. So there is no reason to believe Dimmesdale or Chillingworth is the worst sinner because Hester clearly
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