Hester Prynne Mistakes

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In the book ‘ the Scarlet Letter’ Hester Prynne makes a lot of mistakes in her life, but She is trying to fix what She messed up on. She does a crime that will forever change her life forever. She has a child with another guy. She is a sinner, but She is also an object because some of the stuff She done can never be taken back. Hester will do anything to get her life back in order. Hester Prynne commits a crime that will forever change her life. She has a kid with another man (Dimmesdale) , because She thought her husband (Chillingworth) was either dead or lost at sea, they started talking and before you know it they end up having a kid together and naming her Pearl. He sent Hester to Boston she he could finish up the business. Hester gave Pearl her name because she would grow up to be pure,because here puritan, she is white like a Pearl, and grow up to be pure as possible.(hawthorn chapter 6). What Hester dose in the story amazes me for what she does, and also being a single mother. she starts her own embroidery business to make some money. and survive in life and support Pearl. she raises Pearl by herself for 2 years while. the authority is trying to take Pearl from Hester, for punishment for Hester. Hester…show more content…
Robert Chillingworth is/was Hester husband. Arthur Dimmesdale is Hester 's lover , and the father of Pearl. she loves both of them , and Hester wants to be with Dimmesdale but she can 't leave her husband, because back then there was no such thing as a divorce than, marriage` was suppose to be forever no matter what. Hester should have kept to herself and should have been loyal to her husband and none of this would have happened to her, she wouldn 't have gone to prison, nor the public scolding or the letter ‘A’ (the scarlet letter) imprinted on her where everyone could see it. she can 't make up her mind on what she wants to go with Dimmesdale or go with
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