Hester Prynne's Legacy

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Make the Most of It Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter house a similar theme; impediments exhibit an individual’s resiliency. Although it is effortless for the “underdog” to sympathize with themselves and play the victim card, Hester Prynne surprises us. She owns up to the humiliating punishment that comes with her personal choices, but with bounteous pride. Instead of displaying the scarlet letter ‘A’ as a detriment, Hester parades it with her own style, embroidering it and making it her own. Comparably, Gladwell narrates the idea that, “power can come in other forms as well— in breaking rules, in substituting speed and surprise for strength” (Gladwell 13). Both novels elucidate that not all extraordinary people become noteworthy in conventional ways; toying with society’s barriers in the manner that Hester did makes her a hero amongst the women of New…show more content…
Kardashian is a contemporary example of blatant sexism, but also living proof that a woman can control the outcome of actions. I am not arguing that she is the epitome of academic knowledge, but Kardashian is an intelligent businesswoman that was able to, like Hester, swamp stereotypes and build an empire out of rubble. Society argues that Kim is “only famous for her sex tape,” or “famous for nothing,” but the reality is, those statements dilute her achievements, reducing her to a sexual object; in the same way, Hester was dehumanized, seen only as the letter ‘A.’ Kim Kardashian’s luxurious life resembles a belief in David and Goliath, that your demons can be manipulated in your favor. Her initial launch into popular culture was controversial, but Kardashian turned herself into multi-million dollar cooperation. Hester did not reach this sort of wealth or fame, but she was able to conquer the restraints that were put into place to conform
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