Meaning Of Letter A In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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Most readers are entangle in the meaning of the letter A, only adulatory of Hester Prynne? No, it is not that simple. Firstly, the letter A is represent angel. Hester Prynne didn’t harbor a deep resentment for the punishment and abuses, instead of that she still treated nice and gentle to others. Secondly, it is able. Hester lived alone with her “only treasure”, Pearl, after she came out from the jail. Everybody feel disgusted and shamed for her at distance so that Hester Prynne did not have way to get work. In the case, she started doing needlework to get enough food and did housework by herself. She didn’t feel hopeless but lived positively and also gave happiness to little Pearl. However, when readers comprehend the letter A in the book usually give its meaning as adultery. And what is the reaction of Hester Prynne? Will she forgive herself? With expected, she won’t since the alive letter around her – litter Pearl, who is sometimes a angel and sometimes a evil, whose and also, she was uninhabited and capricious: She was a live scarlet letter. However, she could puncture a fallacy with one remark. These two, little Pearl and the letter A could be called as indispensable and necessary condition in The Scarlet Letter. They are two main threads…show more content…
From the beginning of The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne and her letter “A” emerged at the scaffold in public for adultery, which is a sin could not be forgive by their religion.” This is a description of the letter “A” that only belongs to Hester Prynne. Why said this is “only belongs to her”? If readers have a deep reading to The Scarlet Letter, they could easily find out the sin that is up to everyone’s inner aspect and it has a different symbolic meaning, which is mentioned at above text: “A” changes Adultery to Able and Angel. But, how does the letter “A” direct the other characters to
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