Heterachial Theory Of Organizational Structure

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I am writing the essay on the topic hierarchy versus heterarchy theory of organizational structure. In this debate I would be taking a stand for Heterachial theory of organizational structure. Though I would agree to the fact that hierarchical theory of organizational structure is the most common and ancient theoretical modal which is been used by majority of the working organizations in the todays scenario but for this to prove it wrong and to suggest companies that heterarchy can be a better organizational structure I have contemporary examples to prove my statement right. In this essay I will be using the literature in the form of academic management journals and articles based on hierarchical and hetrarchial theory of management and also…show more content…
I can provide some present working company’s examples who have shifted from hierarchical model of organization structure to heterarchical model of organization structure and have been more successful than before. There is a critical need for leadership and innovation in contemporary community arts organizations (Clapp, 2009). The first company about which I would like talk about is a non for profit organization “ALTERED ESTHETICS” which is an art organization wanted to make a young sustainable resource but had a problem of low resources. Now the challenge was to explain the board of directors how to make these relevant changes and plan innovative ideas to do it. As this non - profit organization use to follow hierarchical model organizational structure so for this reason, they only use to follow decision making through designation allotted to the employees which caused them problems as no innovative and new theories were coming because of which they having lots of issues and troubles as the big designated employees were not interested in listening to the new ideas of their employees. So the company finally decided to shift and adopt heterarchical model of organizational structure which helped them to adapt new theories and techniques as more employees were able to use their skill. This helped “ALTERED ESTHETICS” and use their resources in efficient and essential which lead to…show more content…
It is till date the largest organization who follows heterachical organizational structure which contains 1500 employees. “ZAPPOS” main focus was to getting the job done in the efficient and proper way so that the resources of the organization should not be wasted. They thought if they will adopt heterarchy model of organizational structure they will get the advantage to bring the company to entirely different scenario. The employees will become more responsible on the task they will perform as they will be accountable to themselves and not to anybody else. Though this doesn’t mean that the company has become leaderless, there are employees who have were more accountable and gets more responsibilities. It totally depends on their abilities and skills. Because of this the company became the politics – free zone and started operating as the purpose of the organization. This things helps creating the company a more flexible and passionate structural

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