Heterogeneous Classroom Case Study

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Since the classroom is the first and only environment for many good language learners, they should make use of this chance as much as possible. However, some of the students find it difficult to speak in the target language for many reasons ranging from interest to confidence, from age to knowledge. Other students, however, would like to express everything they think or feel by using the new language. As a result, some students may take many turns, while others do not speak for the entire lesson. It is the duty of the teacher to create the congenial atmosphere in the class room and build confidence among the students to express their views in the target language.
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• Build confidence among the students that they can excel in the target language.
• Build a congenial atmosphere to learn and practice the skill in target language.
• Choose eclectic approach according to the attitude and learning style of the students.
• Take the regular feedback tests and evaluate their standards at regular intervals.
• Make use of appropriate teaching methodology and techniques and audio-visual aids to make learning effective.
In a heterogeneous classroom, it is important to assess the background knowledge of each child. The achievement of each child depends on his cognitive skills. Learning and academic performance of a student depends on social and economic factors. Whole-class learning is able to proceed largely because students are able to learn when the task comes within the range of their current knowledge.
Mixed groups at professional courses pose special problems for both learners and teacher. Learners in a mixed group class at professional courses possess different levels of linguistic and communicative competencies. Most teachers understand in practice that the learners have different linguistic standards in English language, i.e. learning ability and ability to perform in English. An English teacher has to cater the linguistic needs of all the learners to pursue their professional courses successfully in English
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Effective teachers make continual assessments as teaching proceeds, in order to keep the class in the learning zone. There is no need to record such continual assessments because if they are effective, they should be out-of-date before the end of the lesson. One of the most common instruments used by a teacher to help students to use the language on his own is questioning. Experienced teachers rarely deliver lectures. Rather, their expositions and explanations are characterized by the skilled use of oral questioning. Clearly, oral questioning has the potential to generate required information to guide the teaching and learning process.
Time and time again many complaints have been made against the Indian education system which is more inclined towards memorization and takes long systematic study hours. To make the entire system of education effective, the English teachers have a huge role to play. In an Engineering college, the English period is the most sought after and welcome one. The students give feedbacks stating that only during the English classes they are treated with dignity as future professionals. This motivates them to come out of the shell and learn things with a lot of
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