Heteronormativity In Fashion Essay

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Gender, heteronormativity and the ambiguous roles of homosexuals in the fashion industry and social spaces.
In this essay I will be examing by examine, defining and discussing both gender and heteronormativity in the context of homosexual in the fashion industry and social spaces by referring to Steyn and van Zyl (1998-2009). I will also be identifying the context of which one or two of my contextual studies three class mates perform gender in a particular way. Furthermore the essay will distinguishing evidences-what do you mean? By conducting research on gender performance. I will also be exploring the history and representation of a homosexual relationship in a contemporary South African and fashion industry. Taking into consideration how
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Heteronormativity is defined as a social doctrine of standards that basically force us to act according to the sex (and thus heteronormative gender associated with that sex) that we are born with ;for instance as devising relationships with the opposite sex, getting married and later giving birth to children. The author also outlines the key challenges of the social norms that preserve protection against the discrimination of non-heteronormative individuals in post-apartheid South Africa (Steyn and van Zyl 2009:3). There is so many concerns involving heteronormativity, to such an extent that it affects heterosexuals as well. Regardless of the advances, the question is whether or not there will ever be equality for same-sex couples with heterosexual ones. Thus these problems are caused by heteronormativity, in which the concepts is still applicable in the twenty first century.

Mary Holmes (2007:3-6) argues sexual functionalism in the early 1960s contributed to understanding the differences between man and women as socially constructed. Gender roles continue to exist today in order to promote social stability between masculinity and

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