The Hezbollah Organization

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Hezbollah is an organization that adheres to Khomeini's ideology and represents an "umbrella" for the various Shiite radicals. The organization was set up in 1982 after the Galilee war for the establishment of peace in Lebanon and following the increase of Iranian presence and its influence in the area.
The Hezbollah Organization was founded as a body of Shia fundamentalists led by clerics who saw a solution for Lebanese political shortcomings in adopting Iranian doctrine. It also referred to the use of terror as a means of achieving political objectives (overthrowing the Christian regime, setting up an Islamic Republic in Lebanon, subjugating the Lebanese Falanx to the legal government, removing "practices of Western imperialism" from Lebanon,
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A proof of the radical ideology promoted by the group is the use of terror as a means of achieving their own goals. Hezbollah refers to Israel ("Little Satan") and calls it "a stranger in the region and a threat to Islam and Muslims." The destruction of Israel and the liberation of Jerusalem is a religious obligation. The organization justifies the use of terror against these enemies as "a weapon in the hands of those that are weak and subjugated against a powerful aggressor." In an effort to act and implement the ideological guidelines, the group leaders formed an action plan and executed terrorist attacks against Israeli and Lebanese forces, invoking religious extremism against Israel and promoting Iranian ideology. Hezbollah expanded the conflict area to Israeli territory and did not confine itself to fighting in southern Lebanon.
After the signing of the Ta'if (1989) treaty and the beginning of Syria's grip in Lebanon,
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Syria's interest in continuing terrorist attacks in southern Lebanon has enabled the organization to maintain its regulations in the territories of this country and be the only military force that is not yet disarmed. The Syrians prevented Hezbollah's military capacity from undermining Lebanon's rule, under the pretext of its opposition to Israeli occupation. At the same time, the Syrians strengthened their dictates on the organization, and were interested in calming the situation in southern Lebanon.
Using undercover names such as Islamic Jihad, Revolutionary Organisation for Justice and Islamic
Resistance, and having the approval of religious leaders, Hezbollah executed a series of major attacks against Israeli, American and Southern Multinational Forces of Lebanon. Later attacks intensified and showed better qualification, especially before the Peace Process.
In 1991, Hezbollah executed 52 attacks, compared to 19 executed in 1990. That same year,
Hezbollah launched 63 attacks and in 1993 it was 158, and during Operation "Accountability" the organization executed hundreds of Katyusha missile launches in the security zone and in the Israeli

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